Odeo republishes feeds – not kosher

Damn, I just realized Odeo republishes feeds: http://odeo.com/channel/rss/265 is a republish of Steve Garfield’s feed at Feedburner http://feeds.feedburner.com/OffOnATangent (which is a republish *with* permission).

What’s worse, the Odeo republished feed is filled with links to Odeo, not to Steve. The channel link, the item link, even the god damn (and this gets me) enclosure link points to Odeo!

As Odeo knows very well, this embeds them more into the infrastructure of podcasting, these feeds tend to travel wide and far.

What’s wrong here is that they are stealing feeds. I don’t care how well-liked Odeo is, in my book this is almost like running a spamblog.

What’s more, there’s no reason for Odeo to republish a feed, if Steve already has a perfectly good feed, which is where they steal the content from. Steve misses out, because he gets less control over his content, over his feed, over his subscribers. Odeo wins.

Directories should promote podcasters. Republishing feeds without clear permission (like Feedburner does) is not kosher.

Odeo guys, what’s going on here?

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