Ryan Is Hungry » Josh Wolf: Federal Grand Jury Appearance

A videoblogger is being sued:

Ryan Is Hungry » Josh Wolf: Federal Grand Jury Appearance: “We went to Josh Wolf’s Grand Jury appearance earlier this week. The video is 10 minutes long, but has good information and we wanted to document as much of the event as possible.

As we understand it, the Federal prosecutors want him to turn over a raw video tape he recorded during a protest over a year ago. Josh refuses to hand it over and now, potentially, faces jail time.
Here’s the original video that got Josh in trouble.

At this hearing last Thursday, July 20th, the judge extended his judgement till August 1st. Go to joshwolf.net for more updates.

Why should any of us care?
For us, it’s important to support journalists or anyone with a camera being harassed by the government to turn over recordings of public events that each of us has every right to record. We don’t want the government, local or federal, to make it a habit of asking for anything we happen to record. Then we each might question: “Do I want to record this and be harassed later on?â€? This is especially true during controversial political events.

The good news was this-
At Josh’s press conference, there were about 30 people there. Mostly regular people. 40% of the people had some kind of recording device: audio, video, digital photo, and plain old notebook. Its very cool to see that we all realize that we have the power to disseminate information we think is important. Things can be remembered and discussed without permission.”

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