Mozy Remote Backup: Free. Automatic. Secure.

Mozy Remote Backup: Free. Automatic. Secure.: I’m really liking Mozy: it’s free, it works, and it shows a little popup every day (usually when I’ve been away from my computer) saying “your files have been backed up” for that warm fuzzy feeling. What’s not to like?

Light Reading – Video – Top Ten Video Sharing Websites – Telecom Report

Few video services focus on the video creator more than on the video consumer, but does. And Light Reading just compared 10 and named blip the number 1 for video creators. Their strategy of focusing on the creators with a great license, support for external blogs and so on is starting to pay off – many of the more determined videobloggers choose them because they truly care about creators.

Ajaxio Demo

Ajaxio Demo: proof-of-concept to make something Visio-like in ajax: you can add boxes, drag them around, resize them and draw connector lines between them that adjust as you move them around. Pretty much all I use Visio for ;)

Blogger still no enclosures

Blogger’s new beta has rss2.0 feeds, but STILL no enclosures. Come on Google! This is 2006!

What’s worse I think, is that they still don’t show an RSS button – the RSS is there but many people won’t find it. It’s as if they don’t *want* people to subscribe.

What is it with blogger? These are basics!


Cruxy is a new service that tries to make it easier to buy and sell independent media. They just launched. I know the guys behind it, and apart from being excellent coders, they’re also great human beings, and they mean what they say – they really want to make it easier to buy and sell independent media. The site is pretty good, not too much stuff there yet, but check it out, I have a feeling this one will grow big.

"Noche de Jazz en Harlem NY": we finally found a fun bar in Harlem and they have fantastic Jazz too.. Maria made a movie of it.

Watch movie (Quicktime, 4 min, 8.4 MB)

Original post, from diariodeviaje:

Watch the videoHace un par de semanas estubimos con Melina y Willie en Saint Nick’s Pub un lugar maravilloso donde sin las pretenciones innecesarias que normalmente se encuentran en nyc se puede disfrutar de una muy buena musica.

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NYCMosaico (this is the new site) has been one of the sites that really tracks and celebrates latino culture in New York. Now, from what I hear, the person doing their website has fallen out with them, taken the old domain name with him and left the team having to build up a new site, new links and so on.

It’s easy to say of course that you should always control your domain name, but in reality the web person often does it, especially if they’re not getting paid but are a volunteer.

"Blissful": really, really amazing animation stuff. Short too so enjoy!

Watch movie (Quicktime, 0.6 min, 4.6 MB)

Original post, from No fat clips!!!:

I posted this one on Ticklebooth before, but it well deserves an extra time in the spotlights.Blissful is a short yet amazing blend of animation and motion graphics did by Leftchannel for Fantômas (brainchild of Mike Patton), "a trip through torment and obstacles of supposed demise within the mind of an evil being."Mike Patton (born Michael Allan Patton) is an American musician. He is best known as the lead singer of Faith No More from 1988 to 1998, but has also handled lead vocals for Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Fantômas and Peeping Tom.Questo lo postai su Ticklebooth, ma credo che meriti ben donde un’altra razione di fama e gloria.Blissful è un breve ma stupefacente misto di animazione e motion graphics realizzato da Leftchannel per Fantômas (perto della mente di Mike Patton), "un viaggio attraverso la mente di un essere maligno, irta di ostacoli e di tormenti."Mike Patton (nato Michael Allan Patton) è un musicista americano, meglio conosciuto come il leader dei Faith No More dal 1988 al 1998, ma ha anche cantato per Mr. Bungle, Tomahawk, Fantômas e Peeping Tom.via Motionographer and ‘boardsDOWNLOAD: Scarica Blissful.[Format: Quicktime – Size: 5 MB – Running Time: 1 min.]WATCH: Guarda Blissful su ‘boards.MIRROR: Guarda Blissful su Blip.WATCH: Guarda Blissful su Leftchannel.[Format: Flash]WATCH (ALT.): Guarda Blissful su Blip.[Format: Flash]LINK: Visita Leftchannel Industries Inc.MVDBASE: Pagina di LeftchannelIMDB: Pagina di Mike PattonCODECS: Apple Quicktime – FlashTags: [Short Movie] [Motion Graphics] [Motion Graphics]

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Ryan Is Hungry » Josh Wolf: Federal Grand Jury Appearance

A videoblogger is being sued:

Ryan Is Hungry » Josh Wolf: Federal Grand Jury Appearance: “We went to Josh Wolf’s Grand Jury appearance earlier this week. The video is 10 minutes long, but has good information and we wanted to document as much of the event as possible.

As we understand it, the Federal prosecutors want him to turn over a raw video tape he recorded during a protest over a year ago. Josh refuses to hand it over and now, potentially, faces jail time.
Here’s the original video that got Josh in trouble.

At this hearing last Thursday, July 20th, the judge extended his judgement till August 1st. Go to for more updates.

Why should any of us care?
For us, it’s important to support journalists or anyone with a camera being harassed by the government to turn over recordings of public events that each of us has every right to record. We don’t want the government, local or federal, to make it a habit of asking for anything we happen to record. Then we each might question: “Do I want to record this and be harassed later on?â€? This is especially true during controversial political events.

The good news was this-
At Josh’s press conference, there were about 30 people there. Mostly regular people. 40% of the people had some kind of recording device: audio, video, digital photo, and plain old notebook. Its very cool to see that we all realize that we have the power to disseminate information we think is important. Things can be remembered and discussed without permission.”

ongoing · Unending War

ongoing · Unending War: “I’m having a persistent anger-management problem; seeing your former home blown to hell with malice aforethought will do that. So, who am I mad at? Oddly, I’m not that mad at the foot soldiers on either side, the IDF or the Hez. It’s depressingly easy to get young men to go out and kill and die for reasons that turn out later to have been really crappy. The IDF grunts’ leaders tell them that doing this will make the rockets stop and bring peace to Israel’s northern border, and I’m sure a lot of them are going about their bloody business as conscientiously as they possibly can. The Hez grunts are mostly poor, oppressed, ignorant, and religion-befuddled, and their leaders tell them that doing this will punish violent oppressors and do God’s will. ¶

Those leaders, though… anyone who’s read first-hand reportage about the Hez leadership knows they’re bloodthirsty racist fundamentalist barbarians who would really like to kill all the Jews and revert the world to fourteenth-century ways. Scum.

As for the Israeli political leadership, we have to act on the assumption that they actually kind of understand what’s going on around them, and that they launched this in full knowledge that they intended to kill hundreds, displace hundreds of thousands, and break a country. And there’s a sickening suspicion that they knew it wouldn’t work, that this is all playing to the domestic political theater; which would be getting into Milošević territory. Scum.

But right at the moment, there’s another group that I’m even angrier at. These are the individuals right here in the civilized world who are egging on one side or the other, who show up in blog comments and on talk radio and in some newspaper columns, explaining how it’s OK for one side to lob rockets into cities, or for the other to blow up towns with everyone in them, because the other side deserves what it’s getting; the victims are kind of sub-human, or are paying a fair price for something they did in 2001 or 1987 or 1973 or 1967 or 1949 or a couple of millennia before that.

Their position, basically, is “Let’s you and him fightâ€?. Yep, they’re willing to fight to the last screaming bleeding victim, as long as it’s a couple of continents away from their comfy chair. Some more of them will write me after I publish this. They’re not just scum, they’re cowards.”

In Europe, we had 2 world wars ravage the continent, and somehow, people seem to remember. We always feel that the US has never (recently) known a war on its own land, only in other countries. And really, it’s true: I am in NY now and this doesn’t feel like a country at war. Nobody’s dying. No houses are being blown up.

There are a lot of reasons why the US is so happy to go to war in foreign countries and tear them apart (the biggest military in the world needs at least some practice), but the fact that they don’t remember what war is like must be one of them, and the feeling many in the world have that terrorism against the US is ok stems at least partly from that. “Let them feel some pain too”, basically. Sure, americans are good at theatrics about the “american lives lost”, but the average person doesn’t feel any pain from being at war with 3 countries in 5 years (I may miscalculate here, is it more or less?).

Attacking and ravaging other countries does not help you, guys, even if you call them terrorists. And supporting countries who do doesn’t help you either.

DreamHost Blog » Anatomy of a(n ongoing) Disaster..

DreamHost Blog » Anatomy of a(n ongoing) Disaster..: “As I’m sure most of you already know, we’ve had nothing but troubles, large troubles, for pretty much the last three weeks. A lot of these troubles were our fault, a couple of them were at least ostensibly beyond our control, and they all compounded each other.

Here I’ll try and go into as much detail as possible about what happened, why, and the steps we’re taking to stop this sort of thing from ever happening again. I can’t excuse what happened, just apologize and hopefully elucidate.”

The reason I like Dreamhost is that they are the ONLY host I’ve dealt with in many years that really, really work for you and communicate and are basically just human beings that want the best for you.

Israel is wrong

Scripting News: 8/1/2006: “I know I’m going to catch hell for this, but it’s time to say something. Israel is wrong. There aren’t two sides to this anymore. I’ve heard all I want to hear from Israel. It’s time to stop the attack on Hezbollah, withdraw back into Israel, stop firing bombs into Lebanon, and shut up for a while and let everyone else sort this out. It’s not just Israel’s problem. There are hundreds of millions of lives at stake in the Middle East, and this time not only has an Arab country, and that’s what Hezbollah is, withstood Israel’s attack, but they’re also clearly justified in their response to the Israeli attack.

Hezbollah has every right to have defenses against Israel. If I’m not mistaken, Hezbollah didn’t start firing rockets into Israel until they were attacked by Israel. Okay, they took two Israeli soldiers hostage. And now Israel has killed hundreds of Lebanese, destroyed large parts of the country and its infrastructure. It’s enough already. Even a Jew like myself sees how wrong the Israeli position is.”