"AK – Parking Lot, pt.1" American King – check it out. The true America.

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Garrett explains a new job prospect as part of his plan to get his life back together. Look for more on Friday. Subscribe to Human Dog using the Big Feed Button on the left and get American King and the rest of Human Dog delivered free. Your comments are appreciated. DOWNLOAD Quicktime/iPod VIDEO FILE DOWNLOAD Windows VIDEO FILE

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"Sometimes I Feel Like This". Short, atmospheric, and making a beautiful point, I like this kind of videoblogging.

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Know what I mean? Jay definately caught me in a mood. That mood seems to have been lasting about 2 weeks. I’m slowly slipping out of it though. Thanks to things like Node101 Weekend which remind me that there is still hope in the world. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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P.O.V. – The Tailenders . Behind the Lens. Filmmaker Interview | PBS: “The Tailenders” documents Global Recordings Network, which is an organization that has the goal of translating Bible stories into every language in the world. The organization use low-tech hand-wind players to distribute those recordings. And the film follows them going to the Solomon Islands, India and Mexico as they make translations and distribute them.”

Just saw this movie, very interesting.

In all the web 2.0 business talk, I never hear anyone say that it’s perfectly valid to create a business, run it for a while and then kill it. Why is that?