Working from home: rythm vs. structure

When you’re working for yourself, not just working from home but really working for yourself, you don’t have to stick to 9 to 5. 9 to 5 is only used because it’s easy to control by companies, anyways. Nobody is productive from 9 to 5. I never heard anyone say: “Jee, I’m really at my best from 9 to 5.”

So when you work for yourself, instead of a structure that tells you when to work, you have to find your rythm. The times of the day when you get certain stuff done.

For me, after a coffee in the morning, I have a few hours of very creative, focused attention in which I get a lot done. Rythm has a lot to do with how you eat, by the way. But it’s different for everyone. So, finding your rythm. Figuring out when’s a good time to do coding, versus when’s a good time to go to the bank.

See also: Get your rythm

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