During Friday Curfew Busy Mansur is Empty 4

“Curfew in Baghdad normally starts at 8 pm most days. This means no cars are allowed on the streets after 8pm, and you shouldn’t be wandering outside your house without extremely urgent business.

These days Iraqis tend to be at home by 5 or 6pm.

Before the war, even during the sanctions, Mansur was a hip, lively, exciting area. Think of it as the East Village or Mission District of Baghdad.

Now the curfew begins at 11am on Fridays, and doesn’t end until 6am Saturday. This means Iraqis are prevented from travelling the city for almost 24 hours one day a week.

When you include this with the other 60 hours Baghdad residents are under curfew, this means you are under curfew about half of your life in Baghdad.”

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