Momentshowing: Amercian King

Momentshowing: Amercian King: “Let me tell you why I like American King:
Daily shows are becoming very popular in the Videoblogging world. I think the TV industry really gets into the idea of short, daily content. I’m personally not so interested because it reminds me of “distraction entertainment”. It’s the “i’m bored at work. Make me laugh.” There is certainly a place for this kind of video. Topical. Breezy. Light. Fun. It’s here and then forgotten. Next thing.

Chris has made a name for himself creating the universe of Human Dog. Like an HBO series, the story is told in parts. Each part informs the later videos. A rich, complex world is formed. The stortelling of Amercian King assumes that the viewer will follow along and learn the world. Like an HBO show, the story begins and will eventually end. Complexties and subtleties are the highlights.”

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