Codec for Sony vegas

Sony Vegas is great, but if you make movies witha small digital camera like the Canon Powershots, the videos are in avi format with a codec that Vegas doesn’t have. The result is that, when you add a video to the timeline, only the audio shows up.

A lot of places try to sell you codecs for like 20$.

It took my a while to find, but the first link on this page (morgan-multimedia) is free and works great and fixed the problem: :: View topic – How do I open AVI files create by still cameras?

0 thoughts on “Codec for Sony vegas

  1. THANK YOU SO MUCH! this problem like killed my motivation to make cool videos for youtube and stuff a while ago, but this has rekindled my inspirationnnn to make shit. hhaha anyways THANKS!

  2. DOESN’T WORK to me.

    When I convert HD (avi) to WMV I loose quality I guess. Am i right? What must I to do if I don’t want to loose a good HD original quality of recordec clips? Sorry, but I can’t find answer anywhere, so i decided to post my request here. Don’t be angry on me.
    I have a lot of new futsal materials and too much people wait too long on it.

    What converter can I use to save HD good quality?!

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