I think I’m a hacker-IA. It’s kinda like a mentat-warrior ;) The thing I just realized this morning is this: if you have the ability to create, so you don’t have to hire programmers, you can try out a lot of things.

If your first idea would be the one that works, you could just hire programmers to do it, and still be profitable.

But it’s usually not. Nobody is that smart. Or I haven’t met them.

So to build something cool, you need to change directions a lot, try stuff out, see what works. And to do that, it really, really helps if you can get stuff done yourself.

Mozy Remote Backup: Free. Automatic. Secure.

I am using Mozy Remote Backup, in my long trail of testing backup solutions, this one is working well. Disclaimer: haven’t tried a restore yet.

I use it only for my “business” folder, not my images or music folders.

Every day, it automatically backs up my business folder when I’m away from my computer, and then, and this is the most satisfying bit, when I get back to my computer there’s a “your stuff is backed up!” notice. Aaaahhh. The feeling of satisfaction is very enjoyable!

For future reference, the only Windows text editor I could find that can handle large files like database dumps of 2 gigs and larger is UltraEdit.

Really really slow WordPress query

This query shows up all the time in my slow logs, and I’m just confused about how WP can have such slow queries in it?

FROM wp_posts
WHERE 1 =1
AND post_date_gmt <= '2005-07-07 13:07:51'
post_status = "S"
AND post_status != "w"
GROUP BY wp_posts.ID
ORDER BY post_date DESC
LIMIT 0 , 40

I have a clean WP 2.0.3 install, with no plugings.

The above query regularly takes 100s of seconds to run! Although a regular run when the db is fast seems rather fast (0.0022s). It may be that the query gets slow because of other reasons.

When I run an explain, mysql uses the post_status key, but reports under extra:

Using where; Using temporary; Using filesort

Not so good I believe?

Perhaps comment spam?

IA and coding

Robert Rodriguez: Hollywood hacker – WebJillion: “Robert Rodriguez. Dude made an award-winning movie for $7,000, bucked Hollywood in favor of his own one-man studio at his home in Austin, Texas and overall just really embodies the start-up, bootstrap, whatever-you-want-to-call-it work ethic that I try my best to stay true to.
“… you have to learn how to be technical, because if you can be creative and technical, you’ll be onstoppable … That’s why I started being my own film crew … When you’re self-sufficient, you’re scary. You don’t need anybody.â€?

Even though information architecture is what I’m really good at, I’m spending a lot of time becoming a much better coder these days. And the quote above shows why. If you are can build stuff, without having to hire people, you’re way ahead already. Years of possibilities!