Mozy Remote Backup: Free. Automatic. Secure.

I am using Mozy Remote Backup, in my long trail of testing backup solutions, this one is working well. Disclaimer: haven’t tried a restore yet.

I use it only for my “business” folder, not my images or music folders.

Every day, it automatically backs up my business folder when I’m away from my computer, and then, and this is the most satisfying bit, when I get back to my computer there’s a “your stuff is backed up!” notice. Aaaahhh. The feeling of satisfaction is very enjoyable!

0 thoughts on “Mozy Remote Backup: Free. Automatic. Secure.

  1. Interesting. We have launched a service based on the software by Remote Backup Systems, Inc.

    We will offer a much more comprehensive service than what these ‘cheapos’ are offering, and will exclusively target the business sector. Our online backup software natively supports open and in-use Exchange and SQL databases, among other advanced functionality that is best suited to SMB/SMEs.

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