loadedpun » Making a case for the personal vlog

loadedpun » Making a case for the personal vlog: “CNN is the latest network station to enter the fray in online video entertainment, offering up six original content shows this week. The three major networks have already added video podcast shows for aggregators such as itunes as well as some cellphones. Will independent web content makers be able to compete with these big budget offerings?

While some content makers have made shows that offer quality entertainment not previously seen in television programming (Ask a Ninja, Ze Frank and Chasing Windmills being among them) many are attempting to follow Rocketboom’s internet success with talk/news shows that mimic the network formats. Time will tell if they can break into a genre now inundated with big names and brands. My opinion? It’s time to get out of the television business and try something different.”

Hear hear.

A very good point. The window for independents to make tv-like videoblogs might be closing as the tv players are jumping in. And that might be a good thing. Videoblogging was never meant to be another television.

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