Vloggercon: Where everyone’s the media | CNET News.com

Vloggercon: Where everyone’s the media | CNET News.com: “The sold-out conference, which has attracted more than 350 people from around the globe, kicked off Saturday with a speech from video blogging, or “vlogging” pioneer Peter Van Dijck.

Van Dijck described his vision of a future in which you can sit on your sofa watching “The Simpsons” and then switch the channel to an uncensored video blog from China. But it won’t get there, he said, unless people encourage models that aren’t based on popularity.
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Video: A spotlight on Vloggercon 2006
CNET News.com’s Michelle Meyers delves into the world of video blogging.

We don’t want it where “everyone is just watching funny stuff and downloading TV shows,” Van Dijck said. “I think we can do more.”

That’s right!

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