Why Google is actually right with this excel/word stuff

A lot of bloggers are saying the excel/word replacment strategy of Google must have some secret purpose. Not. They forget about 1 simple thing.

First, of course, the majority of people who use excel and word don’t need any advanced features.

What they do need is an easy way to store everything in one place. Office hasn’t solved that problem. Almost every small organization I talk to has an unsatisfactory, frustrating solution to where they keep their files. Mostly stuff just gets emailed around a lot.

That is the problem GoogleOffice can solve in 1 stroke. A basic Word and Excel is enough. And if it’s stored in 1 place (no more duplicates! No more version control nightmares. No sotware to by and install.), that’s enough motivation for 50% of all Office users to switch in the next 5 years.

Central storage, no software to install, basic features. And of course compatibility with Office.

It’s really that simple. Which small group with limited means would *not* adopt this? I know all of the ones I know would. It’s cheap. It’s easy to maintain. And it solves a *real* problem that they *all* struggle with right now.

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