JungleDisk – Reliable online storage powered by Amazon S3™

JungleDisk uses Amazon’s S3 and is free to use (you just pay Amazon for storage). Very promising for storing all your fotos and stuff.

0 thoughts on “JungleDisk – Reliable online storage powered by Amazon S3™

  1. Hi also try IBackup for Windows for regular and safe backup and restore of all-important data.

    IBackup for Windows is an IBackup application that performs interactive and scheduled backups of your critical files to your online backup account. It has easy-to-use Windows native graphical user interface, which allows you to transfer your files. You can even drag-and-drop your files to get them backed up or to retrieve the same.

    IBackup for Windows transfers only modified portions of your files to ensure a quick backup with compression/ decompression on the fly. You can choose to receive email notification for your scheduled backups and also keep the default ‘Mirror Path’ option to duplicate the entire source path for backups to avoid overwriting of similarly named files and folders.

    A very good thing about IBackup is that you can map your online account as a local drive in your computer and edit and save files or folders in the account with IDrive. It also allows users to directly open and save files stored in their IBackup online account from associated applications like Microsoft Office. IDrive supports SSL encryption for data security.

    You can also avail of features provided by IDrive Multimedia , which is an advanced drive mapping technology that can stream multimedia content like video and audio using your favorite media player.

    With Web-Manager, a browser-based application, create folders, upload, webload files, rename, delete and share files or folders with others for collaborative access. You can share file and folders by creating sharable links and emailing them to your collaborators. You can `privately share’ data instantly within another IBackup user. Private share can be disabled anytime. To know more about IBackup, try their free trial.

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