blog-speak vs. press-speak

Mapping a path for the 3D Web – page 2 | CNET I do prefer blog-speak over press-speak, generally.

In blog-speak: “It was pretty boring although the people were interesting. I was so relieved when we got to see an actual demo instead of boring pie-in-the-sky conversations. And the food was good.”

Press-speak: “During one break in the schedule Saturday, two members of the team producing Croquet, an open-source software platform designed for creating collaborative, multiple-user online applications, showed off their software. And as word spread about the demo, nearly everyone in attendance suddenly scrambled to watch.

Quickly, about 30 people gathered in a tight semi-circle around the two Croquet team members as they showed off the software’s ability to let people move in and out of rich virtual spaces easily and with little of the lag and complicated user-interface of virtual worlds like “Second Life.”

The demonstration was one of the highlights of a day filled with engrossing conversations, but short on tangible progress toward the road map everyone had come to create.

To some, the format of the event presented hard challenges to achieving the stated goals. But some felt that organizers had gotten it right.”

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