The Obvious?: Oh I soooo know that feeling ….

The Obvious?: Oh I soooo know that feeling ….: “As I had feared, it was a complete waste of time. I’m sorry, I’m never normally this critical of a conference – particularly as I know first hand how much damned hard work it takes to put one on – but it was unexpurgated garbage. I had thought it might turn into ‘MeTooMedia’, but it went one step further than that and became ‘TheyMedia’. Instead of progressing the conversation, or even bringing it up to date, the BBC managed to thrust us into a timewarp and take us back at least two, maybe three years.


All in all, the day was very insular and introspective, with a lot of people appearing to think that they are doing very well, thankyouverymuch, without the input of anyone who knows what they’re talking about. By the end of the day, I was beyond my usual state of British reserve and just about ready to spit feathers. I’m used to people not getting it, remember – I do this stuff for a living so I have plenty of experience of people talking out of their arse. But this conference brought me to a new level of frustration.”

I was extremely frustrated that day as well. With such a fabulous/famous cast of people, how can you put on such a horrible conference? I actually walked out the first day, I just couldn’t take it anymore. The second day was a bit better, but I had to leave early to catch a flight.


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