This Blog Sits at the: The problem of partial ethnography

Whenever I blog like 5 posts of another blog in a row, it means I’ve discovered an interesting new one: “I met a guy last Saturday night and he asked for my phone number and, like, things were going well at the bar, so I give him my phone number and he puts me right into his phone and was like, hey, that’s ,that’s, that’s pretty quick and then he asked me if I wanted his number and I was like yeah do you want to put it down on a business card or something. I mean I’m a lady! Who thinks of jumping right into my phone. I got to take this as a process. If we call, if we have some sort of thing going.”

[The ad shows the Nokia 8801 and the line:] Nokia: It’s your life in there

“It’s like my cell phone is precious, it’s precious territory.”

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