Starting with the homepage is the fast lane to politico-hell

Column Two: Full site redesign? Start by addressing the home page. I have a lot of respect for James, but that’s the WORST advice ever. Starting with the homepage is a direct road to political hell in any company. I usually do my best to keep the homepage out of discussions until we’ve done other parts of the site. These days, I’m doing the same with the main nav – it all comes out of working on the rest of the site. James, this one’s just wrong, I find it hard to imagine you won’t go straight to politicohell (don’t pass by START).

0 thoughts on “Starting with the homepage is the fast lane to politico-hell

  1. But what if there’s nothing terribly wrong with the other parts of the site? Iain Barker (who was the author of the original piece, btw) talks about ‘addressing’ the homepage. In other words putting it up for discussion and trying to figure out whether it’s fulfilling its purpose. Is that wrong?

  2. Hi Peter, that’s the most passionate response to one of our articles yet! :-)

    Yes, the homepage can certainly be political, but it’s generally tackled anyway as part of a complete redesign. Note that we’re not suggesting necessarily removing anything from the page, but rather, to re-proportion how the space is used on the homepage…

    Anyway, I’m going to hell anyway… ;-)


  3. I’ve just found that your discussions get much more productive if you don’t talk about the homepage at first. Focus on other areas. The homepage is an area full of landmines, and I never find that very productive at first. After you’ve worked out a lot of the other issues on the site (a lot of low hanging fruit for sure – don’t tell me there’s nothing specifically wrong with it except for the homepage, that’s like, statistically impossible, I’d be very surprised), the homepage discussion becomes much more intelligent. That’s just been my experience.

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