I’m a token blogger at WeMedia

So I’m at the WeMedia conference in London, it’s this big BBC/Reuters thing about journalism, media and stuff, and it’s pretty global – they have a guy from Al Jazeera talking and such. They just finished the opening notes.

It’s not that large it seems, a tv studio, a few hundred people, lotta journalists, some famous people, who all get to “ask questions” (Richard Dryfuss is into information? Who knew!). It feels like a BigMedia thing, it’s structured almost as a TV show (I guess they couldn’t help themselves – I’m almost surprised there’s no-one doing audience warmup), and at the end 2 business people (from Nokia and something else I didn’t get) got to push their products (The Nokia guy: “Our revolutionary technology that empowers blablablablabla”). Come on! So yeah, I was a bit annoyed with the talk about opening media and every single person who got to speak was famous or something (Jeff Jarvis? That’s their idea of a blogger?). Oh, I know, famous or rich, because either you speak or you pay like, I’m not sure, 800$ to get in. But all the bitching apart, it’s sounding pretty cool and interesting all in all.

Anyways, I’m looking forward to some of the panels and meeting some people, hearing some stories. I had to get up at 4:30am so I’m kinda grumpy. And also, I don’t have a plug for this weird UK electricity system so I’m not sure I’ll be able to charge the laptop. And I’m typing this in Notepad, I haven’t been able to connect yet. I’m making some movies too, but I won’t be able to upload them until later.

Oh and I noticed Adam Curry didn’t pick up his badge yet, he’ll be late then :) Damn famous conference people! Unconference it is not.

Update: no converter available today it seems, so not sure about the blogging.

I’ll just make notes until my laptop runs outta power.

Next session (second one, day 1).

Let’s play social media buzzword bingo!

“This age of transformation.”
“The global challenges we’ll be facing.”
“The developing world.”
“Bottom up.”


The Niti gentleman (from the UN) is talking now:
“I sensed there was something missing: relevance.”
“When we speak of media, it’s not just internet/… Don’t forget SMS, radio (in Africa!), television, …”

ps: I wonder if the video will be available online?

Back to mr. Niti:

“Economic power is shifting to the developing countries. India and China, and many others will become media powers.”

ps: everyone around me is connected, my laptop doesn’t wanna connect. darn.

“Street protest work very well for regime change. Armed protests haven’t worked much. Perhaps because it is far easier for the media to cover street protest. Maybe armed conflict doesn’t make as good theater … this emergence of transnational networks of activists, united around issues/policies …”

Sigh, can’t connect. Arg. Damn windows!

There’s some bloggers sitting around me (we got like the backseats ;) It’s like being black in the 40s in the USA, I really feel like we’re the token bloggers here. Man that’s dumb.

Movies coming soon, I did some vlogging.


(Hey, I got connected at Reuters today!)

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