I am a terrorist

I am a terrorist.

One pretty cool thing happened in London at WeMedia – I met 2 terrorists. The first day, one of the bloggers stood up and said he’d rather not be called an “assassin”, he preferred the term “terrorist”. The whole first day made me so angry. It was nothing but cluelessness. Today seems better.

The second day, I met a lady who was actually a convicted terrorist in 3 countries. She was with the AIF (or something, the african something), and according to a laywer she met in Canada who helped draft the legislation there, that organization was retroactively classified as a “terrorist” organisation, hence, she is a terrorist.

And that reminded me of the movie V for Vendetta. At the end of the movie, crowds of people stand up and put on the terrorist mask. Hey, my terrorist is your freedom fighter. And now in 1 weekend, 2 people tell me proudly they are terrorists. I see a movement born there.

The word terrorist has been abused by the Bush governement enough, time to take it back.

I am a terrorist now. How about you? If you are, tag yourself with iamaterrorist.

wemedia, iamaterrorist.

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