new laptop

I have my new laptop, and the program’s I’m installing are in order, Firefox, M$ Office, Visio, putty, CutePDF, iTunes, Skype. So far.

Tech Confidential Blog: Adaptive Path and Sierra Ventures forge partnership

Tech Confidential Blog: Adaptive Path and Sierra Ventures forge partnership: “Adaptive Path, the cutting-edge Internet consulting and design firm that has helped define Web 2.0, said today it has agreed to provide Sierra Ventures’ portfolio companies with consulting services in exchange for equity. The two firms have not consummated any deals yet but anticipate that Adaptive Path will work with three to four of Sierra’s portfolio companies per year.

For Adaptive Path, it provides them with the upside that they lack working on an hourly basis. After watching former clients such as the Flickr founders go on to riches via a sale to Yahoo!, Adaptive Path is willing to take the risk that equity provides in exchange for the potential reward. It also builds upon the entrepreneurial experience they gained building blog analytic tool Measure Map and then selling it to Google earlier this month.”

mysql fixes

I had a query something like this returning many duplicate rows:

SELECT entries.permalink,, … FROM entries, entries2video, video WHERE entries.feedid = ‘1’ AND = entries2video.entryid AND = entries2video.videoid ORDER BY id DESC LIMIT

It turns out the fix was pretty easy: instead of “order by id”, make it “order by” (which makes more sense). I am not sure why, but this fixed the problem of returning duplicate rows.

MySpace and Deleting Online Predators Act (with Henry Jenkins)

Henry Jenkins and Danah Boyd published a full email interview about MySpace and such. They encourage sharing, so here is my remix of that:

What is MySpace?

Danah: “When youth login, their first task is typically to check messages in order to see who has written them. While email is still used to communicate with adults and authorities, MySpace is the primary asynchronous communication tool for teens.

After checking personal messages, youth check friend additions, bulletin board posts, event announcements and new blog posts by friends. They visit their friends’ pages to see new photos or check out each other’s comments.

The vast majority of social network site use amongst youth does not involve surfing to strangers’ profiles, but engaging more locally with known friends and acquaintances.

[…] these sites give youth a space to hang out amongst friends and peers, share cultural artifacts (like links to funny websites, comments about TV shows) and work out an image of how they see themselves.”

What is the controversy over MySpace?

Henry: “Much of the controversy has come not as a result of anything new that MySpace and the other social software sites contribute to teen culture but simply from the fact that adults can no longer hide their eyes to aspects of youth culture in America that have been there all along.”

Q: What do ‘social networking software programs’ provide participants? What’s their down side?

danah: “By giving youth access to a public of their peers, MySpace provides a fertile ground for identity development and cultural integration. As youth transition from childhood, they seek out public environments to make sense of culture, social status and how they fit into the world. Interacting with strangers helps them understand who they are and communities of interest allow them to explore ideas and values. Although youth are able to socialize privately with one another in the homes of friends, most are not allowed to spend time hanging out in public, unaccompanied by parents or adults.”

Q: What educational use might/does MySpace or other social network software have?

Henry: “Teachers are discovering that students take their assignments more seriously and write better if they are producing work which will reach a larger public rather than simply sit on the teacher’s desk.”

Q: The proposed bill appears to offer protection to minors from online predators, by limiting their mutual access. Is predation a real danger with MySpace?

Danah: “Statistically speaking, kids are more at risk at a church picnic or a boy scout outing than they are when they go on MySpace. Less than .01% of all youth abductions nationwide are stranger abductions and as far as we know, no stranger abduction has occurred because of social network services.
The fear of predators has regularly been touted as a reason to restrict youth from both physical and digital publics. Yet, as Barry Glassner notes in The Culture of Fear, predators help distract us from more statistically significant molesters. Youth are at far greater risk of abuse in their homes and in the homes of their friends than they ever are in digital or physical publics.”

Q: You have said elsewhere (and several years ago) that virtual gaming experiences of today are analogous to the unfettered play in the backyards of the 1950s — very core & essential experiences. Have social networking like MySpace or games or other new media technology become core experiences now?

Henry: “As I suggested above, most parents understand their children’s experiences in the context of their memories of their own early years. For the baby boom generation, those defining experiences involved playing in backyards and vacant lots within suburban neighborhoods, socializing with their friends at the local teen hangout, and participating within a social realm which was constrained by the people who went to your local school.

All of that is changing. Contemporary children and youth enjoy far less physical mobility, have less time outside of adult control, and have fewer physical places to hang out with their friends.

Much of this activity is being brought online. What teens are doing online is no better and no worse than what previous generations of teens did when their parents weren’t looking.

The difference is that as these activities are being digitized, they are also being brought into public view.

Video games bring the fantasy lives of young boys into the family room and parents are shocked by what they are seeing. Social networks give adults a way to access their teens’ social and romantic lives and they are startled by their desire to break free from restraints or act older than their age. Parents are experiencing this as a loss of control but in fact, adults have greater control over these aspects of their children’s lives than ever before.”

Google outbids Microsoft for Dell bundling deal, sez WSJ – Engadget

And after Yahoo and eBay made a deal to work together (Paypal and Skype will be all over Yahoo, and Yahoo ads all over eBay), Google today announces a deal with HP, outbiddig Microsoft for a LOT of money: Google will be the default homepage on all Dell computers for the next three years, and they’ll come with Google Desktop installed too. Take that M$.

Still, an expensive buy (supposedly a billion dollars?) to get something that Microsoft pretty much still owns by default: the browser and the desktop.

Is there an easy way/tool/software to connect to a mysql database and visualize the tables in it nicely so I can print them out and work through them? I’ve been downloading and trying software, but nothing works so far.

Any suggestions in the comments very welcome! Thanks.

Blip tv supports windows movie maker

The guys are some of the most clued in video technology guys around. Sure, is no youTube, but thank god for that. They have a much brighter future. They did it again today, and launched a “very unofficial” Windows Movie Maker plugin.

It worked perfectly for me, here’s the movie.

Super easy!

Windows Movie Maker comes pre-installed on every Windows XP computer (it’s in the accessories folder in your programs), and for simple movies it’s actually quite nice. The plugin is a download and it installs in about 12 seconds (yes, I timed it). I don’t know how they did it, but the site mentions “ support in Windows Movie Maker is not endorsed in any way by Microsoft”.

This will make me from a lazyvlogger (who doesn’t post often) perhaps into an active vlogger. It’s really cool. Add blip’s cross-post to your blog functionality, and you got a 1-click winner.

Here’s a screenshot:

"dhlovelife – emergency episode!"

Darryl Hanna is turning out to be one of the most "real" videoblogging voices of the famous people that are trying it out, she’s really rocking. This video is great coz it’s about an important issue, a local garden about to be closed. Check it and share it!

Watch movie (Quicktime, 4.1 min, 13.8 MB)

Original post, from daryl hannah’s love life:

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"KANJI VIDEO 2 COLOURS": Learn Japanese. I really like these earning videos. If I were learning Japanese, I’d put them all on my iPod. Bu I’m not. But if I was! So there.

Watch movie (Quicktime, 2.8 min, 7.3 MB)

Original post, from Learn Japanese:

It’s video time again and this week we are studying numbers. This video was created by the multi talented Mr Stan Fairbank. If you liked this video then check out Kanji videos 1, Makiko’s self intro, Drinking with Beb, What’s your favorite word ? days of the week and the famous ALT Rap ! You can also see a veritable cornucopia of videos relating to life in Japan and more at our sister site News From The Other Side.Yoroshiku very much !

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"Brouhaha": a cool cut of some recent discussions in the vlogosphere about a post where someone was looking for a "hottie" to host a videoblog show. We not like this attitude.

Watch movie (Quicktime, 2.6 min, 15.3 MB)

Original post, from Bottom Union:

In case it’s not obvious enough, all of this is taken completely out of context. You can view the videos in their original context here: No Practice, Byte Me, Ryanedit, RichardBF, Nurse2be, Shooting Full Force, and MsKitka.

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Gmail – We media follow-up

The We Media people insisted on my feedback, so I wrote them this:

I was dissapointed with the conference because of the way it was set
up. Instead of having people who truly understand “we media” on the
stage, it was filled with representatives of old media. The
discussions on the stage staid on the surface. A good example was the
section about citizen media: it was illustrated not by a true citizen
media video, but by a video from the BBC. A video that totally
misunderstood what citizen media is.

The “assasin” section was cringe-worthy. Invite a blogger to your table! The whole conference felt patronizing to anyone in “we media”. We got to sit in the back, and listen to old media people who didn’t really get that: we don’t need them! They need us.

I won’t come back unless we media is on the stage, not old media’s interpretation of we media.

Oh, and please don’t invite people just for their star power. Richard Dreyfuss’s section was irrelevant.

We have a world to change, and I don’t have time to be the token blogger at a conference that makes us the “audience” and old media the
“voice”. It’s the other way round.

It’s harsh criticism, but this is how I felt.

Flash to jump beyond the browser | CNET

Flash to jump beyond the browser.

Interesting. Adobe (=Macromedia) is developing a kind of “Flash browser” that we can build internet applications with that will, as one of its great features, manage offline-online usage, ie. you can use it while offline *and* while online. Competition: lots, but also XUL, the technology that Firefox and also Songbird, an iTunes clone use.

This could become an interesting space, but right now, I would bet on XUL over Flash, simply because it is already there and is slowly being proven/tested in real life apps.

blog-speak vs. press-speak

Mapping a path for the 3D Web – page 2 | CNET I do prefer blog-speak over press-speak, generally.

In blog-speak: “It was pretty boring although the people were interesting. I was so relieved when we got to see an actual demo instead of boring pie-in-the-sky conversations. And the food was good.”

Press-speak: “During one break in the schedule Saturday, two members of the team producing Croquet, an open-source software platform designed for creating collaborative, multiple-user online applications, showed off their software. And as word spread about the demo, nearly everyone in attendance suddenly scrambled to watch.

Quickly, about 30 people gathered in a tight semi-circle around the two Croquet team members as they showed off the software’s ability to let people move in and out of rich virtual spaces easily and with little of the lag and complicated user-interface of virtual worlds like “Second Life.”

The demonstration was one of the highlights of a day filled with engrossing conversations, but short on tangible progress toward the road map everyone had come to create.

To some, the format of the event presented hard challenges to achieving the stated goals. But some felt that organizers had gotten it right.”

The Obvious?: Oh I soooo know that feeling ….

The Obvious?: Oh I soooo know that feeling ….: “As I had feared, it was a complete waste of time. I’m sorry, I’m never normally this critical of a conference – particularly as I know first hand how much damned hard work it takes to put one on – but it was unexpurgated garbage. I had thought it might turn into ‘MeTooMedia’, but it went one step further than that and became ‘TheyMedia’. Instead of progressing the conversation, or even bringing it up to date, the BBC managed to thrust us into a timewarp and take us back at least two, maybe three years.


All in all, the day was very insular and introspective, with a lot of people appearing to think that they are doing very well, thankyouverymuch, without the input of anyone who knows what they’re talking about. By the end of the day, I was beyond my usual state of British reserve and just about ready to spit feathers. I’m used to people not getting it, remember – I do this stuff for a living so I have plenty of experience of people talking out of their arse. But this conference brought me to a new level of frustration.”

I was extremely frustrated that day as well. With such a fabulous/famous cast of people, how can you put on such a horrible conference? I actually walked out the first day, I just couldn’t take it anymore. The second day was a bit better, but I had to leave early to catch a flight.