Up at 3:30am and I’m in Dublin, Ireland, a wonderful country. Country, yes. Damn jetlag, I’ll be dead tomorrow. I wonder if my new clients-to-be read my weblog. :) They’ll let me know. They seem nice people.

Which brings me to: I got another email today of some startup wanting to work with me. It makes sense: you want experienced IA’s on your product. Anyway, more and more, I’m convinced about my policy of wanting to work with nice people first, on interesting projects second. Nice people are more important. It just makes life more enjoyable.

Enough ranting and raving. Dublin, here I am. The hotel is very nice. The bathroom has BIG handles on everything. Don Norman would be pleased. The pubs are good as well.

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  1. We read it Peter. Thanks for regarding us as nice people. Hope you haven’t changed your mind by now….

  2. I’m getting similar requests/offers from startups. Sometimes for my IA experience, sometimes for interface design. It’s an interesting thing to watch.

    And I’m with you – nice people are so important!

  3. Yes, what is it with IA’s and startups. Startups seem to want IA’s. It makes sense, they need them. I guess we did a good job evangelizing this thing.

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