apophenia: medical marijuana

apophenia: medical marijuana: “Today, the FDA issued a statement saying that there is no scientific proof that medical marijuana helps patients better than other prescription drugs. This infuriates me. In 1994, i broke my neck. I was given valium (and a lot of other things) and became extremely addicted to it. I was in a constant fog. To make matters worse, it made my body unable to register pain so when i tossed and turned at night, i made everything worse. I kept losing vision and hearing, even while drugged out of my mind. Weening off of valium was hell and i was super resentful towards the medical establishment for getting me addicted to it. Without valium, the pain was brutal, but i refused to go back on that evil drug.”

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  1. Yeah federal drug laws are long overdue for an overhaul. There is such a negative stigma surrounding medicinal marijuana, maybe we should start calling codeine, morphine, and vicodin medical heroin. The drug industry has adapted all of these flashy marketable drug names. We as a people are forgetting that when we take a prescription drug, we are really taking a drug! Marijuana is widely accepted as the most used and safest of all schedule 1 narcotics, why is its aura so negative?

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