TechCrunch: “I’ve heard from three independent sources that YouTube may have very quietly raised another $25 million in venture capital […] Forbes reports that YouTube’s bandwidth fees are approaching $1 million per month.”

Up at 3:30am and I’m in Dublin, Ireland, a wonderful country. Country, yes. Damn jetlag, I’ll be dead tomorrow. I wonder if my new clients-to-be read my weblog. :) They’ll let me know. They seem nice people.

Which brings me to: I got another email today of some startup wanting to work with me. It makes sense: you want experienced IA’s on your product. Anyway, more and more, I’m convinced about my policy of wanting to work with nice people first, on interesting projects second. Nice people are more important. It just makes life more enjoyable.

Enough ranting and raving. Dublin, here I am. The hotel is very nice. The bathroom has BIG handles on everything. Don Norman would be pleased. The pubs are good as well.

Visa Blog : Students Need Your Help!

Visa Blog : Students Need Your Help!: “Tens of thousands of high school students have participated in school walk-outs to draw attention to comprehensive immigration reform. Their successes are well documented in national and local media. Sadly, many students are facing disciplinary and criminal action as a result of walking out of school. These students are in need of legal counsel and all participants need to know their rights. You can help!”

The difference between rethoric (“We want our kids to have values”) and practice (“When they stand up for themselves we punish them and trivialize their intent.”) is really amazing. In a way, we’re living in Big Brothers’ 1984. Especially in the US, these days, or perhaps it’s just more apparent there.

Joho the Blog: Karl Rove would sing in Spanish

Joho the Blog: Karl Rove would sing in Spanish: “The immigration bill has turned into a fiasco, leaving the Republicans as the party that would build a wall between two countries — a wall! — and forcing the President to have to clarify his party’s position by saying that, no, putting 12 million people on deportation trains probably isn’t such a practical idea.

Then our President is forced to take a stand on a symbolic, wedge issue: Does the national anthem have the same value if sung in Spanish? Karl Rove would not have let the President get backed into that corner. And once in the corner, he would not have let Bush snarl his way out of it. How can the president of country of immigrants find our national song less beautiful sung in the language of those citizens who have chosen to come here? Why does it make him frightened — I do believe fear is behind this reaction — instead of bring a lump to his throat?”

Myspace, mullets and innovation.

Lucas wonders where the chinks in Myspace’s armour are.

Two words. Innovation and mullets. Myspace is locked into a certain model of interaction because of their history and size, and their innovation attempts don’t seem particularly successful (video).

Their interaction model is centered around identity creation: here I am! This is me! Be my friend! This works great with teenagers. Myspace will never be a LinkedIn, for example (LinkedIn seems to be doing great, by the way). MySpace also will never be a SecondLife, and not just because it’s a website rather than a gameclient. There are other interaction models around things that are not identity.

And mullets, of course, went way out of fashion.