Raymond made a screencast of eyespot‘s online media “mixing”. It is extremely rudimentary right now, just lets you put clips together and then renders a new clip from that. Let’s see where they take it from here.

GMail is positively flaky lately. Strange lockouts. Crashes. Sometimes it just doesn’t load.

If Yahoo rolls out their new email now, and it’s real sweet, I might just switch away.

“Herro Flom There.com” He’s showing us this world (I thought it was Second Life, but it’s there.com?). It’s amazing, especially because the guys is chatting, meanwhile his characters lips move, he’s adjusting the camera, moving around, it really feels like he’s in a real world there..

Watch movie (Quicktime, 6.2 min, 14.7 MB)

Original post, from Herro Flom Japan (Videocasts only):

I’m a little concerned that this might turn out to be fun only for me. But when it’s all said and done, this whole thing is about what’s fun for me, right? My time, my money, my blog. It’s only fair. OK, OK, I’ll admit it, I feel guilty. I will get back to the regular […]

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“Phramaha Nattapong – Buddhist Monk from Thailand”.

In this particular video, it would have helped to make sure the monk was feeling comfortable first. He’s too much in “talking to the camera” mode (in a bad way). Still, it’s interesting.Interviewing people from all over the world and sharing that is one of thereasons I love videoblogging.

Watch movie (Quicktime, 4.5 min, 13.1 MB)

Original post, from blip.tv (beta):

Phramaha Nattapong recently came to visit me here in Worcester. I got him to agree to a video but it does not really show much of his normal lively character. Still a good talk, though. Payment

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The no-framework PHP MVC framework – Rasmus’ Toys Page

Thank you God. Thank you.

The no-framework PHP MVC framework

An intelligent way to build a scalable PHP app. All this stuff I’ve had to figure out for myself, and some of it I got wrong.

I do prefer 1 thing different though. I use a simple template engine. I have NO PHP in my HTML, ONLY html. I edit my HTML pages in Dreamweaver, and often move stuff around and redesign, so this works for me.