I’m back from the IA Summit. I wish I had time to write about it, but I have other fish to fry. It was a really good one. My talk went really well, I kept it down to earth and the jokes really worked, even though I lost my notes and thus was kinda nervous. But I had practices it 4 times before going to the summit, so I had the material pretty much down.

I also reconnected with a whole lot of people. I didn’t party much – the conference information and social overload isn’t for me – all the noise and buziness makes my head hurt.

So all in all, perhaps the best IA Summit so far. It just keeps getting better. I also really like the efforts the organizers make to make it a social experience for everyone, newbies included, and to tear down the “old boys club” feeling that this and many other conferences suffer from. Fantastic work.

I also realized that I see most of my (few) role models at the IA Summit. Role models, people you can look up to and learn from, are really important in life. I met Lou Rosenfeld the first time at an IA Summit, I saw Steward Brand speak at an IA Summit (an ongoing inspiration!), and this time I was honored to meet David Weinberger (another inspiration). I was also very pleased to have an opportunity to listen to Dana Boyd and Rashmi Sinha talking about social aspects of the web. By the way, Rashmi’s upcoming Mindcanvas product rocks very, very much.

And that’s enough for now.

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