"Ask A Ninja: Question 15 "Deciding Like A Ninja"

Not bad, funny and well edited. But a bit gimmicky. I prefer personal vlogs altogether.

Watch movie (Quicktime, 2.3 min, 14.3 MB)

Original post, from Ask A Ninja – You Got Questions, Ninja Got Answers.:

Ryan asks the Ninja if his friend Paul makes bad decisions. Click below to Download this movie: (Use ‘Save As’ Control Click for Macs and Right Click For Windows) iPod Quicktime WMV MP3 If you like it, tell a friend! You got questions, Ninja got answers. Previous Episodes of Ask A Ninja Remember to send your questions to askaninja@gmail.com. This is a podcast and can be automagically downloaded to you computer through iTunes. Please upgrade to the newest version of Quicktime.

(Via Mefeedia)

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  1. I get a real kick out of the Ninja, pretty funny.

    I also like personal vlogs more, but this guy really cracks me up. I was the one that added his feed :)

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