The Mefeedia core team (Devlon, Michael, me) uses a mailing list, mostly to discuss strategy and stuff. We tried using the 37sigs chatroom app but the email just seems to work better.. the problem with the chatroom is that you have to open it, it’s kinda hard to follow. Gmail works better.

Anyways, since we fixed the speed of Mefeedia, we’re all happy and fuzzy again. The new homepage really helps too.

Yesterday I added a list of *new* feeds to the homepage, so that when someone adds their feed, anyone see that’s on their homepage and can easily subscribe to it. It really fits in nicely with te philosophy of sending Mefeedia love not just to popular feed (it’s not about popularity!) but to newbies. Newbies need subscribers a lot more than popular feeds, so that’s who we want to highlight.


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  1. Piter, as a collaborating team member I’d give you a strong advice to look into skype’s ability to have p2p-chats with complete history and all the little features like export to html and autoloading chat history when you’re on a different machine.

    Just don’t forget to bookmark chats and set chat style to IRC, and your team chats will become so much more pleasant. I promise.

    (And yes, sorry for late comment on the old post)

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