River of vlog

I always felt Dave Winer was onto something when he was talking about the “River of news” that an RSS reader should be. You gotta give it to the man.

Last Monday, we did an emergency launch to fix some bad SQL that was taking the server down, and as a sideeffect we launched a new homepage for Mefeedia if you are logged in. I call it the river of vlog.

The page is quite simple, it lists new videos that have been aggregated into your queue, including the description of the original blogpost. There wasn’t a page like that on Mefeedia yet.

And strangely, suddenly, I am addicted to Mefeedia.

This river of vlog homepage has become useful. Useful is a powerful word. Addictive might be a better one. I check it many times a day, on the lookout for new videos. It is surprisingly simple yet really really powerful.

I always had a dream: the day I would visit Mefeedia as often as I visit Bloglines, I would know I succeeded. After 2 years of working on it, that day still hadn’t happened. But now, I think we’re there. The difference one page can make! I can spend years doing informationarchitecturitis, but without this 1 page, the site never hit that tipping point of usefulness.

Here’s a screenshot:

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