Celebration is quality control – Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals)

Celebration is quality control – Signal vs. Noise (by 37signals): “Inevitably, “Upload Status works!â€? turns into “Maybe the image should be smallerâ€? or “Let’s eliminate a step.â€? By sharing and celebrating the accomplishment, an opportunity appears to focus in on the details and make it even better.”

37 Signals continue to reverse-engineer why their approach to product development works. And you know what? It does! I do the above. It works. Now I do it a bit more consciously.

“Topical Mishmash” Josh leo is one of my favourite vloggers. He’d never make it through the first audience for anything on television, but strangely, he’s got tons of camera presence. More than 90% of tv people. Check out the first part, in which there is horrid dancing.

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Original post, from Josh Leo’s Vlog:

A lot of stuff has been going on recently, here are many of those things… Forgive me for the length, horrible dancing, and the ugly goatee Topical Mishmash Music: Belle and Sebastian – Cover (Version)

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John Battelle’s Searchblog: Google Talking to Dell: It’s All About Distribution

John Battelle’s Searchblog: Google Talking to Dell: It’s All About Distribution: “Google pays it $1 for every PC that ships with a Google toolbar — a strip that sits atop a browser and enables users to easily operate Google’s search engine — and another 75 cents the first time a home-computer user taps the service, says a person familiar with the matter.”

Mozilla also makes loads of cash from that Google searchbar it seems. But it’s such a difficult strategy: they’re always having to bid for it, pay for it. Where’s the Googlebrowser? All this stuff should be in the browser. Where is Google hiring more Mozilla developers to work on it?

tagging and wikis

mefeedia video tags: I am experimenting with wiki-like tag descriptions at Mefeedia. Basically, we take a wiki approach to coming up with what are supposed to be “objective” descriptions for tags.

Apart from this approach, I’m also playing with facets and tags. Right now, they’re only used on the main tag page (facets are Place, Language, Event, Person and Topic). And only admins can assign facets. That’s gonna change soon too.

Slowly mixing semantics and various structures with tags seems to be working so far, and it provides dozens of beautiful UI and experience possibilities. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

More discussion on FON: David Weinberger: “Fon is aimed at the 99.9% of the people with broadband who don’t have open hotspots. Fon gives them some incentives to share their connection and tries to make it dead easy for them to get set up.”

Me: “I guess my problem is this: try to encourage people to “openâ€? their hotspot by closing it off to all non-fon-subscribers? It just doesn’t seem like a model that’ll work, or that’ll make people enthusiastic.”

My Gmail is looking set to become not just an email client, but an RSS reader too. And now it’s showing Chat history (if you use Google’s chat thingie). All in one, I might like that.

Skype Places Bet on FON Revolution – Gizmodo. I’m sorry, but this FON stuff all the A-bloggers are hyping up just sounds stupid.

I have an open wifi spot. How is FON different, except that you can have an open wifi spot if you sign up with them? Oh, yeah, if you do, you get free wifi anywhere in the world. If you can find the hotspots. Sorry, but that’s just useless.

A girl in Jay’s elevator told me her cellphone was stolen (“right out of my hands!”), and that the cops told her the kids who steal them get 40$ per cellphone.

That’s a lot! I have some old cellphones lying around. Could I get 40$ for them?

ranked aggregation

robhyndman.com: “but also because ranked aggregation is kind of a holy grail in Web 2.0 right now – everyone is trying to figure out how to replace the human editor and make aggregation of quality content scalable.”

Social aggregation is another obvious candidate (let your friends help you find the good stuff). What you find interesting is different from what I find interesting, so ranking things by amount of comments, incoming links and such can only be part of the picture.

“Mobile Cooking”: can you really cook an egg with nothing but 2 cell phones.

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Original post, from life with kellybelly:

filed under: cooking videos, videosThe other day I found a website that explains how to cook an egg using two mobile phones [link]. Of course I had to try it. (23.3MB) This movie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution – NonCommercial – ShareAlike 2.5 License.

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After I learnt basic PHP (I coded for a living for a while), I became an information architect, and never really had to code again. All my little projects didn’t need more than my basic PHP.

Since I’m working on Mefeedia.com though, I finally feel I’m becoming a better coder again. In the sense that I’m learning to really set up an object model, a db model and a set of actions on those, and keep that pretty separate from the service or website itself. I might play with Rails a bit in the future. If there is time for playing.

Mike Davidson: Lessons From The Roundabout SEO Test

Mike Davidson: Lessons From The Roundabout SEO Test: Mike made up a word (lodefizzle), tested it on Google, and got these conclusions:

– yes, you should use h1 tags and such
– using tables for layouts is not a problem
– you should have more or less valid html code
– and the final conclusion: “Although good semantics are somewhat valuable in optimization, simple things like proper titles, descriptive filenames, and incoming links are dramatically more important.”