Server Error

Server Error.

Ever since Gmail added the chat feature, I’ve had nothing but problems with it. I get “server error” messages (from Google!). Gmail is unresponsive. I can’t access my email for hours.

It’s come to the point where I am thinking of moving away from email. Sure, chat is nice, but if it’s gonna destabilize my email experience even slightly, it’s not worth it. Email is lifeblood. If it doesn’t always work, forget it.

Anyone else having problems with Gmail, or is this just me? I’m surprised I haven’t heard any grumbling.

0 thoughts on “Server Error

  1. Yes! I agree, I am so lost without my email and now that I’ve hooked all my accounts into gmail I am even more dependant on one service…scary.

    My pet peeve, is the ‘oops, system error’ crap message. Treat me like and adult, not a child.

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