Wow. I just got a spam email with the following subject:


and the following body:


I guess they forgot to enter some variables in their SPAM SOFTWARE!

Server Error

Server Error.

Ever since Gmail added the chat feature, I’ve had nothing but problems with it. I get “server error” messages (from Google!). Gmail is unresponsive. I can’t access my email for hours.

It’s come to the point where I am thinking of moving away from email. Sure, chat is nice, but if it’s gonna destabilize my email experience even slightly, it’s not worth it. Email is lifeblood. If it doesn’t always work, forget it.

Anyone else having problems with Gmail, or is this just me? I’m surprised I haven’t heard any grumbling.

LinkedIn: Peter Van Dijck.

Linkedin is strange: even though I almost never visit or use the site, it strangely persists. I get an invitation now and then, I go to the site. Sometimes I use it to find people. In other words, I hardly ever use it, but I do use it now and then. I can’t think of another site like that – either I use an online service regularly, or it languishes and I have an account there but in my mind it’s long forgotten.

PHP Collaboration Project.

Zend is developing a framework, that seems to be trying to compete with Rails, while at the same time being “enterprise” friendly. I truly hope they build something useful for fast development, but I worry about the “enterprise” focus. I’m afraid it’ll slow things down, and make them focus on the kinds of features I don’t give a (sorry) shit about.

I watched the webcast to get to see some code, which is at the end, and you can’t fastforward. The code examples start around minute 30, so just let it run.

The code examples I saw are interesting, but not convincing yet. So I can get an OO wrapper to a table. Alright. Mmmm… So they have a better mail() function. OK. Still not particularly exciting.. I hope they get this out before I switch to Rails. So I have a new nice search.

All fair, but none of the code examples make me excited about a framework. They’re nice functions. But where’s the framework? Where’s the easy getting-started with a standard website?

Perhaps it’ll be really cool. I sure hope so.