Six Apart – Movable Type News – The benefits of static web pages: “# Static pages are easier to index.
# Static pages show a better face to external search engines.”

I can not believe that the Typepad guys would put such self-serving bullshit on their website. The above are patently NOT true, and pretty much everyone with an ounce of technical understanding knows this.

Of course they list these as “Byrne’s” list. This tactic is known as willfully spreading lies or myths that benefit your product. I didn’t believe Typepad would do that.

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  1. * Static pages get delivered faster.

    This assumes disk access is faster than database access. This may or may not be the case.

    * Static pages are easier to index.

    This one is just silly. It all depends on the markup.

    * Static pages show a better face to external search engines.

    I say false. Sites using clean URI’s are easier to index.

    * Meaningful file names improve usability.

    Meaning URI’s improve usability.

    * No need to worry about database uptime.

    As long as no functions of your site use a database.

    * Static pages are actually quite mobile.

    Um, sure, you can copy a bunch of static HTML pages to a mobile device. Woohoo…

  2. To be clear, this may just be a matter of speaking to a different application/context than the one you’re thinking of. Many people use Movable Type to replace home-grown or out-of-date internal content management systems on an intranet. That’s the specific context in which the article was written, and I think those points *do* apply, compared to the tools that many companies use today. In that context “external” search engines can be an enterprise indexing system like Verity, for which the lack of query strings in a URL does often present a significant benefit.

    Obviously, in traditional public blogging, there are benefits to having both real static pages and dynamically-generated pages; That’s why Movable Type offers both. This is just trying to explain the benefits of choosing one of those options to people who are new to the platform. Make sense? I’d hope we have enough experience and credibility that you’d know there might be more information that explains our statements; We have no history of lying to anyone and we’re not going to start now.

  3. OK, I see your point of enterprise engines. Although I’m pretty sure Verity can handle query strings.

    I got upset because you were saying something that’s clearly not true, except in certain very specific cases like the above, which you should then have mentioned.

    All in all, no big deal. You *do* have credibility. That’s why the *tough love*.

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