“GeekBrief.TV” Girl talking about gadgets. Tis gots to be popolaro!

Although. I would like people to try to be less TV-like, not more in their videoblogs. Thank you so much. And don’t try so hard to be cute. Only americans like that.

Watch movie (Quicktime, 2.9 min, 18.9 MB)

Original post, from GeekBrief.TV:

1/15/06 – GeekBrief.TV | Download GBTV #0006 or Stream in Quicktime The Tunebuckle keeps a nano safely tucked inside the buckle of your belt. Company: TuneBuckle Source: The Register MicroMemo is a digital voice recorder for the iPod with Video Company: Xtreme Mac Source: Engadget The Mini Three is a paired down three button model of the The Optimus Company: Art. Lebedev Studio Source: Engadget Clocky is a fluffy, robotic alarm clock with wheels. Company: Clocky Source: Coolbuzz

(Via Mefeedia)

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