Michael loves sky=blue. And he makes a video about it. “Just pause this video. And enjoy this color.”

You know what I really like about videoblogs? The various forms. Something like this could only be done in a videoblog. Or an art installation perhaps, but then nobody would see it. Unless it got bought by the Moma. But fuck that.

So videobloggers are experimenting with form. With different types of videoblogs. It’s quite naturally; everyone tries stuff. You notice what seems to work. You build on that. The early years of a new medium are great, that’s were a lot of the creativity lies. A lot of the exploration.

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Original post, from Michael Verdi:

The sky has been incredible for the last two days! It’s inspiring. I love it.

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“The Adventures of Thomas Brin”

If you like sci-fi, you might like this. It’s weird. Bad. But not necessarily in a bad way. Check it out.

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Original post, from Taylor Street Studio:

The Adventures of Thomas Brin is a sci-fi vlog serial in the tradition of Doctor Who. I love the flat space full of windows, doors and other frames. We’ve lost something with realistic CGI in movies. The deterritorialization that happens with blue screen puts us in a nether region – where sci-fi belongs. Note: Taylor Street Studio has split into other vlogs. This vlog/feed will be mostly me writing about and curating other peoples vlogs. My own vlogs/feeds are below: Deep Maps: How do new forms of networked and syndicated cinema change our experience of space and landscape? What should a travel vlog look like? Mostly a vlog to deposit my own video encounters with place, but also to…

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“VIDEO: Do not watch this video”

I filmed this in Jay’s appartment, like last year (or was it this year?). Anyways, it was scary. I still can’t watch this movie and be relaxed. I wouldn’t try this at home either, I don’t think it’s very healthy.

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“VIDEO: A Videoblog circa 2006”

Jay talks about his fears for 2006. Is videoblogging going to be co-opted? Is it gonna sell out? This video has some video to video conversations, edited together about the future of videoblogging.

As a sidenote: videobloggers don’t have noses this big, generally. It’s an effect of the cheap cameras. Closeups. For real.

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“I need Tylenol badly, but I can’t open it. So I’m asking steve to open it.”

Real life. Man. Jay was right when he focused on momentshowing. Moments are great.

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Original post, from Steve Garfield’s Video Blog:

Everytime I go over to my mom’s, she’s got a list of things for me to help her with. This time she needed help with some Tylenol, Dental Floss and Shampoo. Click here for video. [ QuickTime ]

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