What I like about the new Mefeedia

And what i don’t like ;) As you know, the Mefeedia directory is a side project, so there is always more to do.. But there are a few things I really like:

1) Browsing feeds is really nice now. You can go to http://mefeedia.com/feeds/44/ and just click “next feed”, “next feed” and so on, and get a really nice feel of the videoblogs out there. Next thing to do: add “related feeds”. I’m still figuring out an algorythm for that. Or go to http://mefeedia.com/feeds/reviewed/ to see the recently reviewed feeds.

2) You can add descriptions to a tag now, like a wiki. Try it. Example: http://mefeedia.com/tags/vloggercon/ I really like adding descriptions to tags, then clicking a related tag and describing that.

3) Tagging an entire feed. You can now go to a feeds details page (try your own feed) and just tag all the videos in the feed, right there on that same page. That rocks.

4) BlogThis! Revlogging! I love revlogging videos, and you can do it from any page, from a tag page, from a feed detail page, or from the watch page. I like that I can drag and drop images into my post and revlog straight to my blog.

There’s a lot I don’t like about the new Mefeedia too, of course :) That’s for another post. What do you like?

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