Michael loves sky=blue. And he makes a video about it. “Just pause this video. And enjoy this color.”

You know what I really like about videoblogs? The various forms. Something like this could only be done in a videoblog. Or an art installation perhaps, but then nobody would see it. Unless it got bought by the Moma. But fuck that.

So videobloggers are experimenting with form. With different types of videoblogs. It’s quite naturally; everyone tries stuff. You notice what seems to work. You build on that. The early years of a new medium are great, that’s were a lot of the creativity lies. A lot of the exploration.

Watch movie (Quicktime, 1.1 min, 0.9 MB)

Original post, from Michael Verdi:

The sky has been incredible for the last two days! It’s inspiring. I love it.

(Via Mefeedia)

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