“The Adventures of Thomas Brin”

If you like sci-fi, you might like this. It’s weird. Bad. But not necessarily in a bad way. Check it out.

Watch movie (Quicktime, 3.1 min, 20.4 MB)

Original post, from Taylor Street Studio:

The Adventures of Thomas Brin is a sci-fi vlog serial in the tradition of Doctor Who. I love the flat space full of windows, doors and other frames. We’ve lost something with realistic CGI in movies. The deterritorialization that happens with blue screen puts us in a nether region – where sci-fi belongs. Note: Taylor Street Studio has split into other vlogs. This vlog/feed will be mostly me writing about and curating other peoples vlogs. My own vlogs/feeds are below: Deep Maps: How do new forms of networked and syndicated cinema change our experience of space and landscape? What should a travel vlog look like? Mostly a vlog to deposit my own video encounters with place, but also to…

(Via Mefeedia)

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