Another thing you can’t do with podcasts. This video is about the Katrina hurricane (more videos at The way you can combine video and music in a videoblog is something unique to video. I know a lot of people prefer podcasts. I like audio too. It’s a great medium. But there are things you can do with video, emotional things, that are different from audio.

Watch movie(Quicktime 4.8 min 35.8 MB)

Original post, from karmagrrrl: tales of a karmically challenged life…:

…because I have to be dreaming …having a nightmare, in which case, please pinch me now – hard. These past few days have been horrific.I heard this song on Chuck Olsen’s blog and thought it was an appropriate fit with what I’ve been feeling. Now on to the doing…Donate to the Red Cross hurricane Katrina relief effort and help out the people from New Orleans.Music: Wake me up when September Ends by Green Day.

(Via Mefeedia)

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