I’m signing off

I am going backpacking, so this is my last post for the next 5 weeks. Enjoy the internet! I won’t be on it. I’m sensing the withdrawal symptoms already. I twitch.

In a kinda cool coincidence, Google introduced vacation responders yesterday, so that’s what you get if you attempt to email me. Try it! If you dare!

What is revlogging?

Revlogging is blogging about other videobloggers.

I’ve always felt that videobloggers don’t link enough to each other’s blogs and videos. It’s normal: with text blogs, you have a bookmarklet that makes it 1-step to quote someone and post your thoughts to your blog. For videoblogs, we don’t have a mechanism like that.

My first attempt to make revlogging easier was the QuoteThis tool in Mefeedia. It would let you create a SMIL movie that contains a quote of another movie, and post that to your blog by copying and pasting the HTML to your blog. I still think it’s a good idea, but the tool had 2 problems: the SMIL movies would often play very slowly (a limit of the technology), and there was no 1-click sending to your blog.

So my second attempt at encouraging revlogging is the new BlogThis tool in Mefeedia. This time it posts directly to your blog, and you can even drag and drop thumbnails of the video in your post (it’s a wysiwyg editor). I think this time it works. It becomes very easy to browse through Mefeedia, and the nice thing about Mefeedia is that it has pretty much complete archives of all videobloggers, and pretty good tags. You can BlogThis from anywhere on Mefeedia. The experience is a memory trip: your browse through tags and feeds you know, re-dsicover old videos, and blog them to your site, like I’ve been doing on this site for the past days. The whole thing just works.

The BlogThis still needs improvements, but the basic experience I think is solid. Browse around. Blog movies you find. What revlogging does is creating a web of links between videoblogs and videos, making videoblogs much easier to discover. Videoblogging needs revlogs.

“Richard Host Rocketboom (in his own mind)”

Is that a commodore 64? Oh my god That’s a Commodore 64!

Watch movie (Quicktime, 6.2 min, 25.2 MB)

Original post, from blip.tv (beta):

On the yahoo video blog list a discussion came up about what RocketBoom would be like if an old fat guy hosted it. My name came up (for some reason) and my friend Bill Streeter of Lo-Fi St. Louis set up a set for me and we put together this video. I also added an really great video from my new friend Paul Knight of PJKPRODUCTIONS.

(Via Mefeedia)

“Videoblogging Week 2005: Day 1”

It’s like going back in history. Videoblogging week (most videos of that week here) was a way to show to people that hey, everyone can make a video a day. That’s interesting. If you just force yourself.

Watch movie (Quicktime, 1.8 min, 6.5 MB)

Original post, from MICHAEL VERDI:

This is my first video for Videoblogging Week. It’s also available with captions here and you can now subscribe to my captioned video feed right here.

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“Remix Month”. Videobloggers have been doing this crazy stuff since the beginning. They remix each other, they do video pingpong games. They are social. In a way that the podcasters, as far as I can tell, are not. Perhaps it’s just the ability to see each other’s faces?

Watch movie (Quicktime, 2.6 min, 11.6 MB)

Original post, from blip.tv (beta):