PSP Update 2.6: Podcasting (RSS) and WMA Music Support!

Russell Beattie Notebook » PSP Update 2.6: Podcasting (RSS) and WMA Music Support!: Sony does the logical thing: they build in a podcatching client into the PSP. No synching via the computer needed, the audio files go straight to your PSP.

Of course they manage to fuck it up: the audio (no video??) streams, so you have to be connected to a wireless network for streaming.

This won’t take off. It’s almost there, so close, but misses a crucial part of podcasting: the caching locally and then listening whenever you want.

Sony will conclude people don’t want podcasts on their PSP, and the opportunity will be lost. So close. I hope they’ll improve it to the point of usefulness though. Even if it means I have to buy a memory stick. Sell cheap memory sticks, add video, and you have a killer app for the PSP.

Too bad they make their money on games, not hardware. Coz if they made money selling PSP’s, they would do everything to make it a more useful platform and fix these problems.

14 thoughts on “PSP Update 2.6: Podcasting (RSS) and WMA Music Support!

  1. Actually, I really *wanted* some sort of streaming audio support, anyway. Maybe they will add file capture as well for off line play in the next release. If they do that, then at least for audio, we get the best of both worlds. This is pretty nice for something that costs less than a WiFi capable handheld. I also like that we don’t have to pay for the added feature, too. Now we need to ask people who provide streaming content to provide PSP compatible streaming support and links.

  2. Alright, I’m about to freak out if I don’t figure this out soon. I have been trying to load music onto my psp using wma format and I have been having no luck what-so-ever. I have done all the necessary items to make this possible including updating to ver. 2.6, enabled wma playback, and have formatted the memory stick. Still, I’m having no luck at all. I am using windows media player ver. 10 and I have hooked up the psp via the usb setting on the menu. Windows media player recognizes the psp, and I have actually loaded music onto it, however, I can’t find it anywhere. It’s not under the music setting on the psp. Also, I have created a music folder under psp and I can see it on windows media player on the synchronize mode but I can’t actually find it on psp. I try to look under the “music” catagory on the psp menu and still, it says “no tracks available”. I know it loads onto the psp ’cause it takes away memory space on the memory stick. PLEASE, help me. I haven’t find a website that can 100% answer as to why this is. Thanks.

  3. I was looking at your blog and I had to leave a comment so its known that I think it is a good blog to read. What I really enjoyed was the way you write

  4. Sorry for being such a noob but i just got my psp and i updated it to version 2.71. This added new things to my system information menu, My question is:
    1)What is the function of the WMA Playback program?
    2)What does Flash Player do?
    3)What is the “LocationFree Player”?

    ps:plz answer my questions… :) i want to kno what things to enable and what not

  5. To Dang.. Okay so you are.. Good for you

    To Bgogo…
    1. It allows you to play windows media audio files
    2. allows macromedia flash enabled games and websites accessible
    3. Locationfree player is a streaming device, google it damn you…

    To Tim Stock… stop whining.. use the usb connector connect to windows xp or what ever, open the /PSP/MUSIC folder … COPY your files through the windows file manager [youknow? copy and paste?] then you’ll see your darn files…

    cmon peeps, all the above are minor irritaions in ass, not problems. figuring out how to play playstation games on the psp after it was stupidly upgraded from a version 1.5 to 2.71.. now that’s a problem…

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  7. Clay,
    to enable wma you need to update – latest now is ver 2.82 I think.
    then go to settings, system settings, scroll down to enable wma playback and you’ll have to have a wireless internet connection.

  8. I used to add music to my PSP and now I can´t.

    I used to add music to my PSP via USB from my PC at home, and everything was going great, until I upgraded my WMP (Windows Media Player) and now I cant add music to my PSP. And I´ve never ¨synched¨ music with WMP or with anything, I just connected the PSP (USB – PC), explored the PSP memory stick, went to the Music folder (which you know that there are 6 default folders being the Music folder one of those) and opened it and simply copied an mp3 song and then enjoyed. Now, I do the same procedure and I get a window saying that no file was found or that there´s no specific location for the files and the drive (you know, where the PSP is) suddenly closes by it´s self and cant add music anymore.

    But if I go to another computer, I do the same procedure to add music and PRESTO, ENJOY!!! Odd, isn´t it, plz help me.

    Plz help me guys, thanx.

  9. Is there a way to enable WMA playback without having to conenct to a wireless internet, like using hte USB somehow ?

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