I was looking at a few popular websites that, how shall I say it, challenge my conceptions of what a good website is. Myspace continues to amaze by its ugliness. And sites like Blingtones generate, strangly enough, a *lot* of revenue.

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  1. MySpace is ugly by design IMO: it’s chaotic, and largely user-created, with few (or no) restrictions on what you can post, including four videos that start at the same time as soon as you load a page. That’s part of what “the kids” like about it (or so I’m told). Blingtones taps into the whole ringtones thing that people seem willing to spend money on – that is, kids that download songs via P2P because they think 99 cents is too much to pay for a song, seem to have no problem spending $2.99 or more for a 30 second ringtone. The site might be ugly, but the audience they’re targeting seems to like that. I’m with you though, I wouldn’t mind if I never saw another gigantic flash animation that started without my say so.

  2. Blingtones is a great site if your going to find content on hip hop ringtones and such.
    I would agree that the flash loading is a bit heavy but what can we say, I’ve had friends who only purchase from blingtones for mobile hip hop content due to the fact that they have todays hip hop artist’s developing exclusive content you cannot buy else where.
    WAP sites will become a greater source of revenue for companies that see the potential in this playing field. oh and yes the site is doing just fine!!



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