Technorati tags and tag spamming

Sifry’s Alerts: Technorati Performance Improvement Update: look at the bottom of that post: “Technorati Tags: blogosphere, blogs, blogsearch, competition, feedback, givingthanks, google, gratitude, scaling, search, search engine, statistics, stats, technorati, wow, yahoo”

Those are not tags David uses for himself to find his own post back. Those are tags to make sure this post shows up high in Technorati tags. And they feel like the old keyword stuffing to me. Does the way Technorati handles tags encourage tag spam? I’ve always felt that with tags, it’s not about having a lot of them. It’s about having a small amount within a social circle that’s useful. When I see tag stuffing like in this post, sometimes I wonder: are tags going the way of the meta keyword html tag?

(Do I watch too many sex in the city reruns?)

0 thoughts on “Technorati tags and tag spamming

  1. Peter,

    Tag spamming is always a possibility, but we’ve built in several things into the system that can be used to help make sure that it doesn’t become a problem. The most important elements are accountability and transparancy. In other words, you know that I put a lot of tags in my post, and you also know that it was done on my blog – which means that (a) you can notice what you think is abusive practice, which means that (b) you can criticise the practice, and thus stop gamers via social pressure, or (c) you can filter by accountability, meaning that you (or a decent search engine) can filter out spam by blogger easily.

    Thanks for the comment, I’ll think more carefully before putting in a lot of tags – in general, I like tagging prolifically (but accurately) because it helps add metadata to the system, and yes, of course it means that my posts will also get seen more as well, which is the point of the positive reinforcement of tagging…


  2. Thanks David.

    When you say “I like tagging prolifically (but accurately) because it helps add metadata to the system”, that’s where I see some kind of problem. You are tagging for others to find you, not to re-find stuff yourself.

    I just wory that the accountability (which really just means the visibility of the tags in the blog post) isn’t enough. I hope you guys can keep tag spam under control when it really breaks loose.

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