I’m working on the nav of Mefeedia, the experience you have when watching videos in your queue, moving between your queue, feeds you are subscribed to and so on.

I could have specced this out, but I’m finding that just building it really works. I’m changing my mind all the time about how exactly it should look – I spend 5 minutes changing the layout, then putting on my users hat and playing with it for a few minutes… then thinking about it and making a change.

There is no way I could spec this and give it to a developer, because the spec would take longer to think through than actually building it. And I wouldn’t have so much opportunity to change my mind.

I was thinking yesterday that there really shouldn’t be such a line between people who spec stuff out and people who create. But it’s impossibly hard to find good programmers who can also make good decisions on what to build and how it should look.

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