Michael Verdi, Ryanne and others started videoblogging about a year ago, and the looking-back type videos are starting to come out.

Videoblogging has really been an amazing adventure so far. Here’s to another year of this. Let’s hope thousands, if not millions of people discover this as a hobby, as a way to connect, as a new art form. (Not as a business model, that’s not what we’re talking about here.) The videoblogging community has a real voice, and real values, and I hope those don’t get dilluted too much in the coming year. I’ve always felt podcasters are more commercial. Maybe it’s because they have Adam Curry and we have Jay Dedman. Leaders really set the values for a movement. Maybe it’s because of that name – podcsting – that implies a particular, commercial player, who seems to have co-opted the movement. (Lightnet might provide some hope there.) Who knows.

In any case, here’s to another year of videoblogging. May we not sell out, may we believe in the power of individual voices speaking truth and connecting. May we shave a few minutes of the average 4 hours the American watches television every day.


I was looking at a few popular websites that, how shall I say it, challenge my conceptions of what a good website is. Myspace continues to amaze by its ugliness. And sites like Blingtones generate, strangly enough, a *lot* of revenue.

PSP Update 2.6: Podcasting (RSS) and WMA Music Support!

Russell Beattie Notebook » PSP Update 2.6: Podcasting (RSS) and WMA Music Support!: Sony does the logical thing: they build in a podcatching client into the PSP. No synching via the computer needed, the audio files go straight to your PSP.

Of course they manage to fuck it up: the audio (no video??) streams, so you have to be connected to a wireless network for streaming.

This won’t take off. It’s almost there, so close, but misses a crucial part of podcasting: the caching locally and then listening whenever you want.

Sony will conclude people don’t want podcasts on their PSP, and the opportunity will be lost. So close. I hope they’ll improve it to the point of usefulness though. Even if it means I have to buy a memory stick. Sell cheap memory sticks, add video, and you have a killer app for the PSP.

Too bad they make their money on games, not hardware. Coz if they made money selling PSP’s, they would do everything to make it a more useful platform and fix these problems.

I’m getting sick of the “Ooops! The system was unable to perform the operation. Try again in a few minutes.” error messages at Gmail.

Don’t be cute, guys. There’s too much cuteness in these web apps these days. A useful message would be: “Couldn’t send this email right now. Try again in a few seconds.” The “system”? What is this, Big brother? (perhaps..)