braintag: MySpace vs. My Space

braintag: MySpace vs. My Space: “Jay raised a fantastic question Saturday that I haven’t been able to get out of my head since:

Do the benefits of MySpace outweigh the benefits of My Space?

Rendered unclever: Which is better? To publish and participate in a closed social networking environment or to publish a blog/videoblog/podcast on your own server with your own blog installation?”

An insightful post, check it out.

Some tips for new Typepad vloggers.

Now that Typepad has integrated videoblogging, I wanted to share some tips for new videobloggers. Some of the stuff that we’ve learnt over the past year or so doing this.

1. You have something to say. Try the videobloggingweek (where you post 1 video every day for a week) for yourself and at first, you’ll feel like “what can I have possibly to say”. Then you realize everything is interesting. Every day, there are at least 5 videobloggable moments.

2. It’s about connecting people and speaking truth. Vlog what you really believe. It’s a great exercise in not becoming the fake person, the corporate drone you always feared of becoming. I think people become that way because they just lack the practice of saying what they really think.

3. Small digital fotocameras (the Canon elph for example) work fine. It’s not about the gloss.

4. As you become better, you can do most editing while filming. As you film, your edit-eye knows what to film and how it will be used.

5. Make sure to always put your url at the end of a video. You don’t know where it might end up, at least like this people will be able to find your blog.

Go to to find about a 1000 videobloggers. And add your feed if you’re videoblogging too.

Finally, if you’re really into this stuff, join the videoblogging mailing list, the best place to learn more.


All that alpha, limited beta and so o web2.0 stuff these days. Them kids! Mefeedia went into public beta after I coded it together in two days in December 2004, and has been running happily ever since.

Oh, and today we moved to the new server. Dedicated and shiny :)