Video ipod – indie video producers rejoice!

Apple is releasing a video ipod. This is great news for videobloggers and other indie video producers: demand for short videos will surge. Most vloggers have been producing content in 320×240 anyway, so it will fit the new ipod screen perfectly. Gotta get one now.

30G up to 75 hours of video, $299. 60G up to 150 hours video, $399. Shipping in one week. (Endgadget)

Of course, Jobs made some good deals with BigMedia: you can buy TV shows from the iTunes Music Store – Desperate Housewives, Lost and more shows from ABC and Disney. Five shows will be available to watch on iPod or computer: Lost, Desperate Housewives, Nightstalker, The Suite Life and some other Disney thang. $1.99 an episode.

The pricing is right. 2$ for commercial content.

But the idea is problematic if you believe in indie video. Apple will clearly do what they did with podcasting, and provide mostly Big Media content, with popular indie media mixed in. But where is the long tail of video? Where can I find the very specific stuff I’m interested in.

OK, that was a retoric question. Mefeedia is the best place to find long tail video.

Unfortunately the site is down right now, in the middle of a move to a dedicated server. I guess my timing was a bit off on this one.

(via Rodrigo)


“But then, authority was appropriated by the Technorati mob, where it swiftly lost definition in a tangled tag soup of popularity, power, trust, credibility, and relevance. These words were tossed around indiscriminately in a Bacchanalian festival of semantic anarchy.”

Don’t try to take on Peter Morville with metaphors, or he’ll bust your chops (kick your ass) like he did with David Weinberger’s Tree and Leave metaphor. Here’s another great one:

“Fortunately, before the tag clouds could totally eclipse the sun, a new entity emerged as a source of authority and illumination.”

Tag clouds that eclipse the sun! There’s a metaphor that really expresses how the library science crowd feels! And he goes on:

“Though folksonomy was born on an information architecture list, it was quickly hijacked by the Technorati.”

Go Peter! He’s single-handedly (the rest of the IA community isn’t doing much) taking back pride for information architects around the world.

Read the article. It goes on like this. Great stuff.

(Oh, and yeah, web 2.0 and all that!)

At the IA retreat

I’m at the IA retreat in NY, and it’s great. A few things I’ve learnt so far:

  • Nobody in the US knows the British TV show “Allo Allo”.
  • Making wireframes is too slow. But then again, wireframes are the perfect inperfect tool. A boundary object.
  • Our tools are getting old: can’t easily spec Ajaxy apps, portals, …
  • We need affordable methods (says Olga, and I believe her)
  • When God said ‘Name these animals’, Adam (from the biblical story) got the first IA job (and God was the first client).
  • “Tagging” can’t really be translated very well into Spanish.
  • “Usability” in Swedish is a real word (not a neologism like in English): Anvandbarhet” (sorry, no crazy Swedish accents).

And a lot more, so many more blogposts to come. This year, everything is being recorded as well, and podcasts will be available.

iPod video

Damn speculation! The iPod video buzz is going crazy – supposedly Apple will come out with a video iPod in a week or two. And I just got my PSP today.

What will this mean for videobloggers? A lot of demand for short video content. Go to to find the most complete directory of videoblogs. A lot of cool stuff out there, and I’m working hard on the new version of Mefeedia to make it easier to find stuff. Which will be needed, because if Apple follows its approach of promoting commercial video content in its directory (trailers, short movies, …), like it did with audio, then iTunes won’t be the best place to find independent video. Mefeedia will.

So let’s not speculate about whether Apple will release the iPod video – they will. No way they’ll leave this market to Sony. And the “when” question is kinda boring. It might be within weeks. I’d bet on it, seeing that Christmas is coming soon and all. But whatever.

The bigger question, and the bigger revolution I think, is what will we be watching on that video iPod (or PSP or any other killer device that might come along). Will it be “repurposed” tv content? I hate that word to start with. And sure, the Simpsons are funny on any device. But if that’s all we do I’d be dissapointed.

Steve Jobs will undoubtedly have pulled the iPod trick and made deals with lots of BigCo video providers. So expect Pixar content, lots of tv stuff, all that jazz. Boooring!

I hope that we’ll start to watch independent video. Movies made by you, me and your grandmother. I mean the creative, funny, boring, niche stuff people are starting to create and put online by the thousands. I hope that your favourite show (no longer a “TV show”) could be someone you know. The long tail of video.

What will you be watching on your brand-new iPod video? I’ll be looking out for videoblogs myself.

Comments opened up again!

I have upgraded my WordPress install to the latest and greatest, and installed some funky-looking comment spam killers, which means that finally the comments are open again for all to enjoy. Comments will show up immediately again, instead of waiting for days or weeks for my moderation. Enjoy! (And try to leave one here.)

When your subversion host goes down

I’ve started to use Subversion for versioning, together with the excellent TortoiseSVN client, and I am hosting my SVN repository with I was just about to get pretty giddy about how cool this versioning really is when working together with other coders, but this morning they’re down. What a dependency!

What do you use? What do you do when your repository host goes down?