the new video ipod creates a hungry market for short videos

Endgadget’s first impressions of the video ipod: “What it needs most are more shows!”

Exactly. I’ve been waiting for this. Apple just created a huge market of people hungry for short videos. In 320×240 format. What’s gonna happen when you unwrap your new shiny video ipod? You’re gonna listen music. And watch some videos. Millions of people will do this.

After a few weeks, they’ll get bored of watching the same old commercial, big media stuff on their devices, and start looking for free, interesting short videos. You’ll discover someone somewhere is making video you just have to watch. And it will be dead easy to subscribe, letting your ipod filling up with video goodness. You’ll find yourself watching Big Media less and less. Times millions of people. This is another step towards what we’ve been talking about: Big Media will no longer be the only media. Your favourite TV show might be someone you know. I’m excited.

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