Refactoring or starting from scratch?

For the next version of Mefeedia, I got 2 great developers. That’s important for what follows.

I coded Mefeedia in PHP, in a weekend, because it seemed like a good idea at the time. A lot of projects start that way.

Over the past year, I’ve been spending months and months of real time developing the site. The architecture and the code aren’t bad. It’s kinda scalable.

I was talking to my devs, and they said: “Why not use Rails”. It’s the new hot thing. And i’m sure it’s got lots of advantages. But I also know the power of refactoring, and that’s the way I really wanted to go.

In the end I decided to go with Rails. Throw away all that code. And we didn’t have a lot of technical discussions about the pro’s and cons of both approaches. I made up my mind when one developer said: “I’ve been dreaming of a chance to work with Rails.”

Happy developers are productive developers. And that’s all there’s to it.

0 thoughts on “Refactoring or starting from scratch?

  1. yep, i am in same boat….
    preparing to do a vlogdir 2.0 in rails.
    like you, i did vlogdir unexpectantly…. i was actually working on (then called but their seemed to be a need for a directory back in April… mefeedia was up, but you were away traveling and the status of mefeedia was uncertain. So i spent a few weekends working on vlogdir… as a sandbox project. You came back and went crazy making mefeedia the coolest thing in the vlogosphere….
    now their are sites popping up all over the place :-)

    good luck in rails… no more freetag? heheh.

  2. Sometimes I feel like an old man when all the kids are talking about how great their Python-powered desktop apps are, and how you should *have to* use Ruby on Rails for your web app. I just can’t get over all this polymorphic, objects as classes with dynamic definition stuff, and the whole notion of further extracting you away from whats really happening underneath.

    While I think its great that you can get quicker from Inspiration->Reality quicker and with less hassle, there is something about sitting down, defining a schema, a set of objects, an architecture, and then building it. I just feel sometimes that people want to skip all that, and I’m not sure its good.

    Or maybe I just sound like an Assembly programmer. Hmm.

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