Yahoo travel rocks

Yahoo travel is rocking the online travel world. I just noticed this innovation: instead of making you enter dates and then telling you what prices they have flights available for, they let you look for prices for a destination on any date, tell you the cheapest offerings, and then let you search for dates that those flights have seats available. Amazing. The UI for that part is functional and looks like this:

yahoo travel

As far as I know, no other online travel service lets you search like this. I’ve been waiting for this for years.

iTunes 1-click is pretty fucked up

the weblog of Lucas Gonze: “Dear Apple developers working on the podcasting portions of iTunes, …”.

The Apple 1-click subscription technology is broken. What’s worse, after Lucas told me I should remove the content-type application/rss+xml from my pcast files in Mefeedia, so I did but it breaks iTunes compatibility. So iTunes is totally messed up here. Let’s hope they fix this soon and we can leave this behind us.


In the old days, before the blog, I used to write “articles” (yes, actual html pages), “upload” them and everything. They’re not particularly relevant anymore, some are embarrasing, but here they are, for posterity and because nice URLs stay around.

The only one that’s still really relevant is Themes and metaphors in the semantic web discussion.

Old pages on this website:

The “sitemap at the bottom of the page” files sadly depend on a database that no longer exists (that will teach me!), so they’re not available.


Wired News: We’re a Hit in Manila! Now What?

Wired News: We’re a Hit in Manila! Now What?: “Friendster, which today has millions of Filipino members, is one of a number of advertising-supported internet sites grappling with the dilemma of how to take advantage of unforeseen overseas popularity. Such sites are finding that business models that work in large, developed countries need serious readjustment in nations with small populations or low internet-penetration rates.”

Sam Ruby: Actually innovative

Sam Ruby: Actually innovative: “If you’re working for an actually innovative startup, please consider thinking about i18n, unicode, and all that jazz. Actually, do more than consider it. Just do it. Not everyone speaks English, and there’s no reason to restrict “Web 2.0â€? (there’s that involuntary shudder again) to English speakers.”

And: ”
Totally disagree. i18n is extremely resource intensive. Everything being equal, the startup that iterates on the English product will easily beat the one that doesn’t iterate on the multi-lingual product.”

It depends. I18N can let you win over a lot of markets the other guys are ignoring. Big deal.