remote teams

I always assumed that “communication problems” with remote teams were mostly about culture and the difficulty of explaining stuff when you’re not standing next to someone. But I’m learning it’s also simply about the electricity going down or your phone battery running out.

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  1. I wonder about the fine line between “virtual” and remote teams and would like your opinion about the difference.
    Nothing is stated in the literature yet the two are used with the conjunctive , “and”, implying there is a diffference.

    Are we simply using remote to indicate phone /out of office vs. more intranet platform e-based teams . Is it the distinction between those who work on “functional/ project/ production” teams permanently employed at an organization vs. those non-permanently employed or free-lance (such as a team of insurance agents, building site inspectors).

  2. There’s a big difference. Virtual implies unreal, imaginative relationship between people. Hence, each one can project her thoughts on the others and create some kind of a virtual reality like in video games. Remote implies simply at a distance. this could be physical, cultural, organizational etc.

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